Hi Friends, Today we have give you information regarding new MPEG-4 Set Top Box for DD FREE DISH all FREE-TO-AIR channels. And this set top box is DILOS HDS2-5454 Free-To-Air Full HD DVB-S2 Set-Top Box.

In this set top box you can watch 175+ FREE-TO-AIR TV Channels without any cost. You didn’t need to any recharge in this set top box. You can watch lifetime DD FREE DISH FREE-TO-AIR channels in this set top box. You can watch MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Both channels in this set top box. And watch also FREE-TO-AIR 1080p Full HD channels. You can also watch Youtube videos in this set top box throw connect with Wi-Fi. You can watch full detail video below.

You can play your favorite Videos, Photos and Music by connect Pendrive or Memory Card in this Set Top Box. And you can record you favorite programs in Pendrive or Memory Card. You can connect this set top box to all TV’s like LED TV, LCD TV, CRT TV etc. You can easily buy this set top box from below LINK.