Hi Friends,

Today i have you information for IR Sensor Connection in MPEG-2 Set Top Box. This is very easy process. You can connect IR Sensor in new or old MPEG-2 Set Top Box card easily. You need a IR Sensor (IR Receiver TSOP38238).

This IR Sensor have three pins IR(OUT), GND(-) & Vcc(2.5V to 5.5V). You need to connect these pins in MPEG-2 Set Top Box display pins. I have give you a Diagram for connection below. This diagram helps you to connect IR Sensor.

And I have also give you connections for Signal Light. You need a 5V LED (Any Colour). When signal is come in set top box, the LED Light is ON. Now you can see below connection diagram.

Now you can easily connect IR Sensor & Signal Light in your MPEG-2 Set Top Box.