Hi Friends, Today we have give UNIQUE TV channel Today’s Schedule. UNIQUE TV won MPEG-2 Slot successfully BUCKET D in DD FREE DISH 67th E-Auction. UNIQUE TV is a KIDS special Channel, so you can watch Cartoon Programs on it. UNIQUE TV add on DD FREE DISH from 1st April 2023, on channel no. 47. UNIQUE TV Today’s Schedule given Below.

00:30 AMSnow White
01:00 AMHoney Bunny Ka Jholmaal
01:30 AMJungle Book
02:00 AMSpace Chicken
03:00 AMHoney Bunny Ka Jholmaal
03:30 AMJungle Book
04:40 AM12 Jyotirlinga Darshan
05:00 AMOm Namah Shivaye
06:00 AMHealth Show
07:00 AMLassie
07:30 AMRobinhood
08:00 AMHoney Bunny Ka Jholmaal
08:30 AMPeter Pan
09:00 AMJungle Book
10:00 AMHealth Show
10:30 AMBablu Dablu
11:30 AMHealth Show
12:00 PMOm Namah Shivaye
01:00 PMJija Ji Chaat Per Hai
01:30 PMJungle Book
02:30 PMThe Psammy Show
03:00 PMLassie
03:30 PMHealth Show
04:30 PMPeter Pan
05:00 PMBablu Dablu
06:00 PMRobinhood
06:30 PMHoney Bunny Ka Jholmaal
07:30 PMJija Ji Chaat Per Hai
08:00 PMYam Hain Hum
08:30 PMOm Namah Shivaye
10:00 PMJija Ji Chaat Per Hai
10:30 PMBablu Dablu
11:00 PMHealth Show

UNIQUE TV channel Frequency on DD FREE DISH given below. You need to scan this Frequency for watch UNIQUE TV.

After searching this Frequency you will receive UNIQUE TV on your DD FREE DISH set top box.